JEANNETTE was born from the desire to offer natural and effective solutions to the specific problems of everyday life: insomnia, stress, pain, difficulty concentrating and lack of energy.

Inspired by the traditional remedies of our grandmothers, we worked for several months to develop 4 hemp-based oils.

Night, Care, Relax and Focus oils contain the best molecules of hemp but also carefully selected medicinal plants to offer a solution adapted to each need via a 100% natural synergy.

Find your well-being naturally with JEANNETTE.

Our goal is to create high quality CBD products at an affordable price, drawing on the knowledge of our ancestors.


We decided to name our company in honor of the grandmother of one of the founders, a true source of inspiration and the first person to benefit from the benefits of SOIN oil to relieve acute osteoarthritis on her fingers.


At JEANNETTE, we attach great importance to the quality and origin of our products. We work closely with French hemp producers as well as plant growers around the world to offer you natural solutions inspired by the traditional remedies of our grandmothers.